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4 main reasons to fall in love with Zurich

4 main reasons to fall in love with Zurich

So as you guys may or may not know, I'm currently in Zürich (and have been there for the past 6-7 days already) in order to attend a few events and some business meetings. We actually have a family house near Zurich and let's say it's sooo much more convenient for me to be there when I have to be in Zurich ! Otherwise I'll be spending 3hours in the train daily and it would be terrible ! So whenever I know I'm going to have a busy schedule: i'm taking Mills with me, my computer, my laptop, pack 3/4 of my closet and just drive to our house there.

I never speak of Switzerland in general because we already tend to focus on exotic destinations, the ones that make you dream of some sandy beaches, palm trees etc.. BUT I decided to show you that Switzerland is actually really beautiful, in so many unexpected ways and it's a pity that people don't talk about it enough. 

1.  Beautiful views
Every time I was crossing a bridge I could stop and stare for minutes.. the views were amazing ! I took gazillions of pictures that look almost all the same, just because I am a sucker of good views pictures and because it was too nice to ignore it. Of course there's no white sand and light blue water, no corals involved and no coconuts but it is worth the attention, Zurich has stunning lake and city views to offer and I like to underline it. 


2. Old town's cute little streets
Wandering in Zurich's old town streets is a real pleasure guys ! Just take the time to discover every detail, don't forget to let your eyes get lost amongst the little architecture details, there are so many ! You'll be able to discover some incredibly cute and unique little stores, handcrafted goods, flower shops and some adorable restaurants. 


3. The FOOD
Oh yes you know me well enough now to be aware of the fact that food is very important for me ! I can get into a really bad mood if I end up eating something unsatisfying. I am very careful with what I eat and since I'm practically vegan.. well let's say it spices the things up a little bit when it comes to finding the right place for lunch. I was first worried that I wouldn't find anything suited for my eating requirements since the german part of Switzerland has quite a reputation when it comes to food: creamy sauces, butter more butter and some cheese for the topping, with a side of meat. Little did I know that Swiss germans were sooo into bio and healthy food ! There's so much choice, you have no idea. 
Tip: I definitely recommend you go to Hiltl which is a real institution here in Zurich, it's a beautiful vegetarian restaurant (they also have a food shop next to the restaurant). 


4. The shopping
Zurich is full of beautiful shops ! Of course you can find all the international and well known brands we all end up going to, like Zara, Zara Home, H&M, COS.. And the high-end ones for sure. The Bahnhofstrasse is definitely the center of all this shopping madness, it's a beautiful street but if you don't like crowded places.. Well, just skip it. What I noticed in Zurich and in general in the german speaking part of Switzerland, it's that everything is more square, more neat and tidied. I thinks it's due to the german origins of the people, they are more strict and rigorous. It's something that I really appreciate about them, the streets and the different shops are clean, well organized and this is something that is really appreciable. 


There you go guys ! Hope I managed to make you a little bit curious about this beautiful town, I unfortunately didn't have the time to take all the pictures I wanted and visit all the places I wanted to show you but I did my best with the time I had ; ) 

Have fun visiting Zurich, don't hesitate to send me your pictures and tips, I always love to read a out your experiences ! 

Here are some addresses: 
Haus Hiltl
Sihlstrasse 28
8001 Zürich
+41 44 227 70 00

Hiltl Laden
Vegetarian Butcher & Deli
St. Annagasse 18
8001 Zürich
+41 44 227 70 27

Münstergasse 22
8001 Zürich

Bahnhofstrasse 100
8001 Zürich

Marktgasse 20
8001 Zürich


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