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Hey Yvoire, you're cute !

Hey Yvoire, you're cute !

Hey babes ! 

So I'm keeping on with my little tour of Geneva's surroundings. The other day we went to Yvoire, which is a beautiful medieval village that I actually never visited before.. So it was quite a discovery for me too ! 

I don't know about you guys but growing up, my parents were the unconventional type you know, so we did all the improbable things but never all the random ones apparently everyone does, eheh. We skydived, scuba-dived, went to some unknown places, avoided all the touristic locations, etc..

So when I told my friends I never set a foot in Yvoire, they just couldn't believe me and were amused.

I totally recommend you go there during the week and not the weekend, we were there on a Saturday and well.. what a mistake ! It was full of tourists and I guess you can tell it's not my favorite situation in the world, especially for the pictures because you have to wait until there's nobody left in the street/spot you want to take a picture of and this is very annoying. Yes, I tend to be a diva when it comes to taking pictures.. but it's for a good cause ! ; )


It is such a cute little place, there are some shops everywhere and you can basically buy all of those little folkloric things such as baskets, home scents, ice creams, panama hats, crystal goods, essential oils, etc... 

Of course the village is a real touristic attraction so you'll have to do the sorting between what is worth it and what is not. By the way, if you like taking pictures it is the perfect place ! The streets, the old buildings, the flowers and the lake.. you have the perfect combo! When I took some shots of the village for my Snapchat, everyone was asking me where I was, thinking that I went to the South of France or so, funny right ?


If you have the occasion to rent or if you happen to own a boat, there's a port in front of the village so you can even do the route by boat and this is honestly the best way to go ! 

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