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Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion Week

Let's continue our little stop at the PFW babes ! 
On Thursday we went to see Chloé's show early in the morning and we were actually so late that I had to skip breakfast ! Don't know about you guys but I'm the type of person who needs her morning coffee + granola before talking business. I had none. Consequence ? I was just unable to focus on anything else than.. well, FOOD. The collection was incredibly beautiful but on an empty stomach: impossible. I was so scared my stomach was going to make loud "roar" noises during the show that I kept talking and talking to my neighbors who might have asked themselves what on earth they did to deserve to sit next to a psycho like me. Thank god they had music playing in the background !


Then we went to see Manish Arora's show and it truly was amazing ! I loved every creation that walked down the catwalk, the models were covered with pearls, on their faces and hands. They had feathers on their jackets, sequins, bold colors, incredible hats etc. What happened on Thursday was epic, typical me: I always end up doing something idiotic, yes I do. 
Let's recap: I woke up very -too- early to do my hair and makeup because hey I'm appearing on pictures right ? Who wants to take a picture of Shrek ? No one. So hair and makeup later, I have to eventually choose my outfit for the first show, which I managed to do pretty well actually ! I was quite proud of myself just for say. 

When we were done with the first show, I was so preoccupied with my "no food since hours now" situation and whether or not I was going to die of starvation that I forgot to change my outfit: I went to have lunch and then straight to Manish Arora's show without changing myself. 1st ERROR. 


If you know a little about Fashion Weeks, you'd know that we -fashionistas- always change outfits in between shows and try our best to respect/channel the designer's or the brand's global "vibe". Long story short: I went to see Manish Arora's colorful and shimmery collection wearing a Chanel inspired jacket, some thigh high Chanel inspired boots, a black romper and YES, MY OOUTFIT WAS BORING AF. 


Next show was Balmain and I thought to myself: this time, I won't do the same mistake ! I went on a little shopping tour right after MA's show because I just didn't have the time to go back to the hotel and change. I ended up doing some angry shopping, basically hating myself for what just happened so I found a bright pink coat, some large blue pants and a textured beige bralette = not your average combo but I went for it. 


Balmain's universe is made of a lot of black, silver, gold, sequins, structured jackets, geometrical shapes etc.. And there I was in my hot pink coat with puffing sleeves, my blue pants, looking like a rose button in the middle of a black and silver ocean of people. 2nd ERROR. 

After a while, I thought to myself "you know what ?! f*ck it, I don't even care". That's maybe a nice life lesson: you are what you are, sometimes you do some epic shit and potentially end up looking foolish but this doesn't mean that you have to feel bad. At all. 
I guess what I wanted to share with you guys is: fashion week was hectic and absolutely incredible ! I loved every second of it. I received so many messages from you telling me that I was living a dream life etc.. and I thought I wanted to tell you the true: nope it's not always perfect, I did lots of stupid things and probably more than I know of, I forgot how to speak english for a moment during an interview, I stepped on a very important designer's feet , I nearly fell asleep during a press presentation because the man who was speaking had the most soporific voice on earth, I started giving my coat and bag to a huge and well known journalist in the fashion industry because I thought she was the "coats lady"...


Love you all, 

Hey Yvoire, you're cute !

Hey Yvoire, you're cute !

We made it to Paris Fashion Week

We made it to Paris Fashion Week