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What happened in Lucern

What happened in Lucern

Oh hey there folks ! 
Another day, another Swiss city ! Today I wanted to share with you some shots of this beautiful city we visited that is called Lucern. It's a city that is actually very dear to my heart as part of my family's history is kind of linked to it and somehow it makes me feel nostalgic every time I go there. 


It was a quite gloomy/part sunny day when we went there, what was actually very convenient for me because the gloomy moments were balancing the sunny ones and it was keeping from feeling too hot and turning into the horrible monster I turn into whenever the temperatures are high (I'm such a diva sometimes...). 

Lucern is an adorable human sized city which is absolutely very pleasant to be in. At a certain point, we noticed a big white castle on a hill, we could only see this big one from the city and we decided we had to go up there and explore the place a little.


We went then to this castle which is called Gütsch, where I incidentally happened to have a meeting. You can take a very cute gondola which brings you up the hill, straight to the castle and it's totally free btw ! 


Unfortunately, the inside of the castle was quite disappointing and the service absolutely terrible. I usually try to focus on the positive parts of things because I don't like to be too critical but at the end of the day I also like you to have good experiences and it's part of my "job" to tell you about the less positive sides of what I experience. 

We ended up only going there for my meeting, I took a few cool shots of the view and the surroundings which were nice but don't go there for a lunch or so, it's absolutely not worth it. 


This is the most famous bridge of Lucern, it's called the "Kapellbrücke" and it's one of the biggest tourists attractions of Lucern.. You know I absolutely have no sensitivity for touristic attractions since I often find them too basic and popular, I prefer to find some unexpected treasures and unknown cool places.. but this bridge is very cool and let's be honest, it makes cool pictures ! 

If you cross the bridge, don't forget to keep your eyes high and so you'll see all the paintings that are on the ceiling, they're very cool and telling some old tales of the town.


Yes.. I had to take some tumblr/blogger/Instagramshit shots, with the wavy hair, the high-end handbag and the outfit details - I know ! But this is part of my job, right ? ; ) 

Let's not forget about something: Lucern is a catholic city, you can really feel this vibe while wandering in the streets due to all the visible opulence, the decorations, the details, this architecture is very "at your face" and this is something that is linked to the town's religion. 

Basel, in comparison, is a protestant town and the difference is absolutely amazing ! I'll write about it in the next post. 


I hope I made you curious about this beautiful city and don't forget to send me some shots of you -or not you- if you happen to go there ! 


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