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Moët & Chandon's new interactive shop window for Christmas is SO cool !

Moët & Chandon's new interactive shop window for Christmas is SO cool !

Hey guys ! 

I am getting in such a festive mood lately.. just can't help it! Winter is definitely my favorite time of the year. The shops are slowly installing all of their Christmas decorations, the cute lights are everywhere in the city, the smell of hot coco, cinnamon and pine trees is invading the air, Starbucks released their adorable Christmas coffee cups and the only thing I am looking forward to is going back home and light a nice fire in the chimney. 

Moët & Chandon totally got the festive vibes memo and decided to set up a very special shop window in the heart of Geneva, at Globus. When they asked me to play in the little video they wanted to make to explain how this special window is working I thought it was such a cool idea ! 


This golden bottle you see in the shop window is their new release for Christmas, it looks so festive and fancy ! I actually always struggle finding the right champagne bottle when it comes to bringing something to our hosts for New Years Eve or even Christmas.. I am not the biggest champagne expert so I'm kind of lost and end up following the salesman advices, certainly paying way too much for my bottle and well, being a good customer you know. 

This year it just won't be the case ! Nope. This gorgeous golden bottle costs only 50 CHF so no outrageous prices for this little gem, good point. 

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Photo 30.11.17 16 39 05.jpg

The whole purpose of this new shop window was to interact with the people in the street.
Digital communications evolve so fast guys ! I always think about this when I see such inventions and innovations because who would have thought about a touch screen on a shop window 5 years ago ? No one I guess. 
Basically you can pilot everything from the shop window: you stand before the camera and the tv screen will guide you. First you take a nice picture, you can even select a filter (how cool is that honestly ?), personalize the message you want to add to your picture (such as "Happy New Year" or "Merry Christmas" for example) and then you can select two email addresses to which you want to send these digital post cards. 

I thought the idea was so cool and original ! Don't you ? 

N.B: This interactive window will only stay in Geneva for two weeks (from the 27th November to the 11th December) guys so hurry up if you want to make your own digital wish card ! 
It will then go to Lausanne (from the 11th of December) and stay there at Globus Lausanne for 4 weeks. 


I never thought of myself as a good actor eheh, I'm more comfortable in front of a camera (for pictures I mean), I couldn't really explain why.. so when they asked me to do this I started thinking "oh my ! I'm gonna be so bad at this !".

Even if it didn't require that much acting skills to do it, I was totally petrified because I also knew I had to do it in the middle of the street, in front of hundreds of curious people wandering, going to work etc who would certainly gaze weirdly at this tall blonde dummy walking in front of this shop window, being filmed and pretending to discover the whole set up for the 10th time and act surprise (yes because it takes a lot if filming to get one good segment).

You know what ? I had the BEST time ! It was so funny and I enjoyed it so much ! I guess at a certain point I forgot about people passing by and staring, I just did what I had to do and it was actually so funny to do it. 

You can check out their page and discover the video we filmed!

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