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Dear Marrakech

Dear Marrakech

It has been a lovely couple of days guys ! Simply lovely. 
First of all, let me tell you this: I am not the biggest fan of the heat, au contraire, I love windy, sunny but cold weather, I'm a nordic woman you know.. So when I decided to fly to Marrakech, this little voice inside my head was whispering to me: "god damn it Era ! Fall has just begun here in Geneva, you finally get to wear those sweaters and pants you were craving during the whole summer so why on earth do you need to go to a place where camels feel good all year long ?!" No idea. My Instagram feed maybe ? Eheh just kidding. 

I decided not to think about it too much, pack my million things, take Zoe with me and just GO. I actually know Marrakech quite well, when I was younger we used to go there once a year for our family summer holidays, it was very nice and I have so many good memories in this country that it made me happy to go back and make some new experiences. 

We arrived on Thursday morning. Before that, we had to wake up at 3am, YES M'AM ! Because out flight was at 6am and there was no way for us to miss our plane. First big relieve: airport transfer ! I LOVE arriving at the airport and seeing someone holding a card with my name on it, this always comforts me when I'm away from home. 

We then arrived at the Es Saadi Palace after a 15-20min drive, it was quite quick and pretty much appreciated given our short night eheh. You know I love to share with you all of my good addresses and experiences, so: WELCOME TO MARRAKECH GUYS !


Arriving at the Es Saadi was already an experience in itself: the first impression you get is a big WOW, the lobby is simply huge and brings together so many different inspirations, colors, details and styles that I had to take a few minutes to assimilate everything. 

The Palace isn't a Palace for no reason, everything in it is big, imposing and colorful. Velvet, tassels, oriental carpets, tiles, moldings.. Nothing is left to chance. 

The Es Saadi is actually a big resort which brings together a 5* Hotel, the Palace, some Ksars, 10 different Houses, a Casino and a night club (the Theatro), no need to say you can easily get lost in it ! The whole complex is 8 hectares big, I was quite impressed. 


Enough about the Hotel now, let's show you our suite. Yes because we had a whole SUITE guys ! 
I must say, one of my main "fears" when I travel is to feel uncomfortable, I don't know why.. I have so many friends who absolutely don't give a damn about being in a lovely hotel with all the luxury features in it - I do. I need my shower and my bath tub, I love daily fresh towels and sheets, flowers on the table, room service and concierge service. I think this goes way back to when I was around 8, I hated school travels, we were always going to the most absurd places: when the others got to go to some exotic destinations like LA or Rome, I always ended up being in the class that was going to the random shitty place nearby, like.. well Porrentruy. You may not even know the place -and believe me you don't need to- but.. see where I'm going ? LA vs. Porrentruy? Eheh. 


Here are some more shots of the pool, the gardens, and the surroundings of the hotel which are truly beautiful ! Every inch of the garden is groomed by the incredible squad of gardeners ( they do such an incredible job ), we especially loved having walks in it during the evening, we could hear so many birds singing and all the lanterns are turned on, it was just as if we were in another world.


Everyday we got to eat at the Lagon & Jardin restaurant which is near the pool area, there I discovered a salad buffet guys ! Let's take a moment to appreciate the fact that there was a whole buffet dedicated to salad. 

There was everything one could ever imagine putting into a salad: raw veggies, boiled ones, nuts, oils, vinegars, superfoods, etc. I was so happy about it ! It seems silly but finding a great place to eat simple but delicious salads is so hard, they're either simply depressing or a little bit too fancy and you end up finding lobster and shrimps mixed with pears and raspberries in your delicate green salad leaves (this is a true fact guys). 

On Day 2 we discovered this adorable restaurant called the Nomad. We were looking for a quiet and beautiful place to eat and my mother suggested
we go to the Café des Epices which you can see on the picture below. Actually the Café des Epices and the Nomad are facing each other on the Place des Epices, they both have rooftops which provide a gorgeous view on the roofs of the Medina. 

The Nomad is a little bit higher than the Café des Epices and has two levels of terraces so if you are really looking for the perfect view, I'd recommend to go there.. But my mom certified that the food at the Café des Epices was incredible so.. no matter which one you choose, it will be a great choice ! ; ) 


Me and Zoe were so happy about this place, OMG ! We were there just on time for the sunset, they had some chill/jazzy music playing, it wasn't too hot and we had some really good but also healthy food to eat = perfect combo.

Food and I = a big love story. If I don't like what I am eating, I can get really grumpy.. I know it can sound silly but growing up food always had an important place in our lives, my mother is a really -really- good cook so I have been used to it, making me now a very demanding client. I try to really stick to my almost vegan diet when I travel, I don't like annoying people with it so if there are no choices, I'll take some fish and be happy about it but otherwise I prefer to have some veggies, quinoa, fruits, nuts etc. 

I was so pleased with the Nomad because they had this very light and healthy menu so it wasn't difficult for me to make a choice. 


We had the pleasure to get a private visit of the Es Saadi resort, we were able to see everything we wanted ! I fell in love with their villas guys, as I said before, there are 10 of them and each has it's own style and universe, each it's own private and unique pool, I just love the idea of being in a private house while still benefit of all the services of the Palace.
We got to visit two because the other ones were already occupied so here are some sneak peaks of what we saw. 


You can't visit Marrakech without eating, I mean... It goes without saying, moroccan culture is so rich, in so many ways ! I could spend weeks there and never be tired of visiting exceptional places, riads etc because the architecture is simply beautiful AND going to all the restaurants I could possibly find! 

We had the chance to have an exceptional dinner planned for us at La Cour des Lions which is one of the many restaurants you can find at the Es Saadi resort.
I think that we ate sooo much that night that Zoe and I literally were considering rolling back to our room, we were so sated ! 

The restaurant's chef is a woman, Fatéma Hal has a taste for traditionnal recipes with her own twist. I loved the fact that it was a woman, not that I'm a feminist or something but there are so few women that are chefs so this was really appreciated. 

We had some musicians playing local notes for us, an amazing view on the Oliveraie and a delightful breeze during the whole dinner, it was just perfect ! 


In the morning we decided to go visit the Jardin Majorelle, which I haven't been to since many years so I was quite curious to see it again! 

This place is just fabulous, every little detail is perfect and organized, I instantly remembered why I use to love it so much.. And the colors guys !
The colors are simply breathtaking ! It's a mis of deep blue, bright yellow, pale green and some white, I was simply obsessed with the palette. 

The only thing was that we went there on the day Pierre Berger (Yves Saint Laurent's ex-hudband) passed so even though we woke up early and went directly there, there was sooo many people ! The Jardin Majorelle opens at 8am so if you plan on going there, well guys I can only advise you to be there at 8am, otherwise you'll have to endure the disadvantages of being a tourist amongst the other tourists... nightmare! 


There's a small coffee shop / snack at the end of the Jardin Majorelle, make sure to stop there and grab a juice, they are so delicious and refreshing ! Also, it is a gorgeous little circular yard, it looks so idyllic !  

At the end of your visit there you will also be able to find some cute shops inside the gardens and also outside, they are a little bit more trends than the ones you can usually find in the Menara, they are very nice to visit if you have some spare time. 


What I like about holidays is that you find time to do some things you never usually get to do.. I mean, I love going to the SPA, I love getting massages, I love pampering etc but WHEN do I find the time to do all of that ? Never. I was so happy and satisfied with the discovering of the Es Saadi's SPA ! 

You know me a little now so just look at the pictures and try to guess what were my favorite things about this SPA.. You guessed them ? Okay, so first of all: white marble everywhere in the pool ! And second: the gigantic tree in the middle of it. 

The story about this centenary Eucalyptus is that when they built the resort, they tried not to cut any trees, which I found very impressive since I know well enough that usually people prefer cutting everything before constructing. This is say because they eventually end up planting lots of baby trees afterward which I find totally idiotic because cutting and killing some big trees is always a big loss. I love the fact that the whole SPA revolves around this huge and majestic tree which you can see perfectly through the big windows that surround it, as if it was some kind of a jewelry piece.


Our massage was absolutely divine ! 50 minutes of pure satisfaction during which the two lovely ladies who were taking care of us massaged our whole bodies, we almost fell asleep ! 

Afterwards we got to stay in a relaxation room, and for the first time of my life guys, I tried some water mattresses ! You know the ones that are filled with water, I always wondered what kind of sensations you would get on such a mattress, so now I know: weird. but in a good way. You can feel like you are floating, but in the meantime it's also firm, but also soft.. Well, I told you ! It's weird. 

The SPA is absolutely huge by the way, they explained us it was dispatched on 3 floors ! There's the pool, the cabins for the different treatments and the massages, the hairdresser, the barber, the Dior SPA as well where you can get all the treatments from the brand, the exercise room with all the machines you need to sweat your excess of tagines and couscous off, the yoga area (they also do have 3 different yoga coaches coming for that, I thought it sounded amazing), etc. 


It was our last day and our plane was at 11am, so we just had the time to take our last breakfast, pack our stuff and Ciao Marrakech ! So sad.. 

Anyways, it was a great couple of days, we really loved every part of our stay, the Es Saadi's staff was just ask adorable, it really made our experience even better ! Morocco is a beautiful country, full of colors, scents, light and lovely people, I'm so in love with it. 


Here are some addresses I recommend you if you are going to Marrakech: 


Avenue Quadissia 40000
+212 5243 37 400

Avenue Quadissia 40000
+212 5243 37 400

Km 6, Route de Barrage.
"Cherifia" Marrakech
+ 212 5 24 38 39 50 / + 212 6 79 89 26 07

+212 (0) 524 388 012

1 Derb Aarjane
Marrakesh Medina

75 Rahba Lakdima, Marrakech Medina 40000
Tel : +212 (0)524 391 770
Tel P : +212 (0) 76 04 67 67 / +212 (0) 63 59 92 23
E-mail :

Dar Yacout
79, derb Sidi Ahmed Soussi, 
Bab Doukkala - Marrakech
+212 (0)5 24 38 29 29 / +212 (0)5 24 38 29 00

Some extra shots we did for fun :) 


AND A BIG THANK YOU TO THIS LITTLE PEA - Go follow her on Instagram ! @southamzoe

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