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What to do and where to go when in Milano

What to do and where to go when in Milano

Hey guys ! 

As you may or may not know, we went to Milano recently for the release of Campari's "Legend of the red hand" movie. I only went a few times in Milano but it was so long ago that I forgot everything about the city.. and at this time I wasn't a blogger, you know the deal.. obviously. 

Wandering in the streets of this italian city which you hear so much about when it's sales time but also Fashion week time, I thought to myself: "I would have loved to read a blogpost about this place because I just can't find anything interesting and decent all by myself !". So here it is, a little guide to discovering Milano and avoiding the touristy/creepy places we don't want to know about. You're very welcome. 

1. So of course.. THE DUOMO, THE DUOMO, THE DUOMO ! Now let me tell you something, it IS beautiful and it IS very impressive. When you look up to the sky and see this gigantic construction, all carved in marble and with all its details etc.. Your one and only reflex will be to take out your phone and take a picture. Yes I did end up with 586 pictures of this building after only 3 days of being in Milan, I don't even regret it, is it bad doctor ? 

Photo 10.02.18 08 44 25.jpg
Photo 31.01.18 13 45 29.jpg

We did even worse ! We paid 13 Euros to go on the top of the Duomo with the elevator, which was definitely ridiculous but you know.. I'm a blogger and I've got to take blogger shots, one's gotta do what one's gotta do ! Eheh, kidding. But really, I had this fix idea of a picture on top of the Duomo and I was willing to do anything just to go up there and take it. Basta.

Let me tell you, we were in Milan for 3 days, it was sunny for two days and the 3rd one was the rainiest, gloomiest, shittiest day of them all.. and it is the day I decided I wanted to go up this pretty building.

Y-E-S ! 
Is it necessary to tell you that my Duomo pictures required a hella LOT of Photoshop ?
Err.. let's say that I was wet like never before due to the non-stop rain, I was cold because damn it it was SO cold and I most certainly made a few grannies get a heart attack since I randomly decided to sit on the edge of one of the walls, above the void (please refer to the picture). Basic you know.  

Photo 31.01.18 13 19 18.jpg

INFOS: If you want to go on top of the Duomo as well, you'll have to go to a building next to it where they sell the tickets. There are some army guys all around the duomo and they are really serious about their job you know.. so don't try to present yourself at the entry with glass, food, bottles or anything, take your tickets before and then don't throw them away until you're gone. Friendly advice ;) 

Another friendly advice: there are a LOT of creepy guys in front of the Duomo during the day, they will try to sell you everything and anything, try to keep away from them as much as you can because they will confuse you with pigeon seeds with one hand and take your wallet with the other one. I know what I'm talking about. So just be careful and don't accept these damn pigeon seeds otherwise you'll be covered with those grey disgraceful dirty birds in less than 20 seconds (did I mention I hate pigeons ?).

Photo 31.01.18 13 41 35.jpg

2. Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II
This is the same as for the Duomo: veeeery touristic. But beautiful. But touristic. I was never a fan of crowded places so that's why I don't like going to all of those touristic attractions but some of them are a must-see and are very beautiful so yeah.. I try to suck it up and just go with the flow for a while. These galeries are so pretty ! You can find all the high-end brands in them such as Louis Vuitton, Chanel etc.. but also a lot of crapy touristic restaurants so make sure not to be fooled by their "nice" windows, the food is disgusting. 

Photo 29.01.18 13 06 25.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 13 08 33.jpg

- The only place you can go without worrying too much about the food but mostly because the place itself is really cute is called Marchesi. Basically it's like an italian Ladurée, you can have a nice-simple-bit-overpriced lunch there and a cute pastry for desert but don't expect too much. The interior is very cute and you'll be able to enjoy a nice view over the Galleria while eating which is nice. 

Photo 29.01.18 14 12 27.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 13 31 32.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 13 33 38.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 13 07 49.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 13 05 56.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 13 06 48.jpg
Btw, my gorgeous dress is from Nadine Merabi, I love this brand SO MUCH ! 

Btw, my gorgeous dress is from Nadine Merabi, I love this brand SO MUCH ! 

3. The Aperol terrace: let's be honest about this one.. The view is great, you get to see the Duomo and if it's sunny, it's a very nice place to grab a drink, take a few Instagramshit pictures and ciao ciao.

The issue with all those places which are all around touristic spots is that they mostly  serve poor quality products, food etc. They know people are going to keep coming to their establishments thanks to all the historic fuss so they don't care. 
If you go up there I'd definitely recommend you to only have something to drink, if you like Aperol or Campari it's great because this is THE place but go somewhere else for lunch. 

Fichier 10.02.18 11 30 15.jpeg
Photo 30.01.18 12 33 30.jpg
Photo 30.01.18 12 29 25.jpg
Photo 02.02.18 21 39 17.jpg

4. Obica: Another great spot for pictures and whether you are inside or on the terrace, the place looks really nice ! If you are a burrata fan, this is your place. I'm not due to my lactose intolerance (yes it sucks) but Diane is and she was really happy with hers.  
This is a cool spot to have lunch, you can also enjoy a view on the Duomo but not as spectacular as on the Aperol terrace, because of these glass walls they installed all around it. 

Photo 31.01.18 14 38 48.jpg
Photo 31.01.18 14 07 48.jpg
Photo 31.01.18 14 29 13.jpg
Photo 31.01.18 15 04 48.jpg

5. Il Laboratorio Paravicini: this is a special one, not your usual Sunday activity but hey! Sometimes it's nice to see something a little bit different. I really enjoyed those "old workshop" vibes, with the paint smell, the brushes, color splashes etc.The ceramic hand-painted plates are incredibly beautiful and you get to really discover how they are designed and realized. 
Via Nerino 8, Milan, Italy
Tel. +39 02 720 21 006

Photo 29.01.18 18 17 42.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 18 17 31.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 18 16 59.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 18 19 46.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 18 18 33.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 18 20 52.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 18 20 19.jpg

5. The Excelsior department store: this is where high-end fashion, designers and all sorts of eclectic objects are gathered. The selection is very cool and I always find it interesting to compare the different collections depending on which city you are visiting, the people's tastes change so much from country to country. We also went to Rinascente which is less impressive but also nice if you want to go on a little shopping spree.

Photo 31.01.18 11 32 17.jpg
Photo 31.01.18 11 33 59.jpg

Here are a few shots I took of the city while we were there, just so you can feel the Milano vibes ;) 

Photo 29.01.18 16 54 58.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 16 35 45.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 17 37 07.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 16 58 24.jpg
Photo 29.01.18 16 38 51.jpg
Photo 31.01.18 16 30 39.jpg
Photo 30.01.18 15 37 01.jpg

7. We also discovered a nice place called Bianco Latte where it is nice to go for lunch too ! AND FOR DESERT ! They have amazing pastries and delicious ice creams. 

Photo 30.01.18 16 54 23.jpg
Photo 30.01.18 16 34 30.jpg
Photo 30.01.18 17 00 02.jpg
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