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Paris, my love

Paris, my love

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They say "Paris is always a good idea" and I will certainly not tell you the contrary. I just love being there, it's like this city has some kind of a magic aura which attracts me, I could spend my days just wandering around and admiring the buildings, the architecture and all of these pretty shop windows. 

Now you know me and I always like to discover and share with you all the nice places I get to visit, hotels, restaurants, coffee shops etc. Of couse I also like to visit the popular places and give you my opinion about it, see why everyone's raving about them but what is more exciting and satisfying than finding some secret, confidential, unique and beautiful places ? 

This time I wanted to show you the hotel I stayed in for my Parisian stay: the Hotel Villa Madame. It's perfectly located, in the 6th district, next to the iconic Café de Flore, the very prized restaurant La Société, the pretty Jardin du Luxembourg and many more. 
If you want my opinion, location is definitely key in Paris, you don't want to be obligated to take the bus, the uber or the metro everytime you need to go somewhere. The Hotel Villa Madame's location was absolutely perfect, I could walk to all of my meetings, the whole neighborhood is really cute and authentic which was really appreciated. 

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The first feeling I got when I walked into the Hotel was "wow if I was coming home, this would be the best place to come back to", it was such a warm feeling. I like feeling a place's vibes when I come in, this is the best way to know if you will feel comfortable there or not. 
I always loved human sized hotels, the ones with a proper history to tell and where you don't feel like another room number in the files. I'm talking authentic experiences. 

Each rooms decoration has been well thought, from the lobby with it's adorable fireplace and cozy velvet couches to the cute little green and zen courtyard. I also loved the fact that everywhere you go in the hotel, you can enjoy the presence of some beautiful flowers and plants, being a huge plants lover this was definitely something I noticed and loved. 

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I loved how all the fabrics and the textures were coordinated, the checkers game in the lobby, everything was there to make you feel at home and welcome. 

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Breakfast at the Villa Madame is also an experience I enjoyed: no buffet, no messy self service where you end up politely fighting with your table's neighbor over that last piece of gluten free cake but instead a lovely and very nice lady giving you a menu from which you get to choose whatever you'd like to have. 

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Unfortunately the weather wouldn't allow me to enjoy this little courtyard properly since it's still a bit frisky outside, I mean.. summer definitely isn't there yet, but I made a little tour for you guys and it is sooo adorable ! There's even a water fountain which would make summer drinks there very enjoyable and peaceful after a long noisy and busy Parisian day. 


My bedroom

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Now let's talk about that room guys ! I was first surprised by it's size, I've been to a LOT of hotels and in big cities like Paris, rooms tend to be unbelievably small.
This one wasn't small at all, the size was very nice any enjoyable, the bathroom had a bathtub AND a big shower, I even had a pantry for all of my clothes...
What can I say? Simply perfect !

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P.S: I discovered the oils-infused showers in this hotel, which I never heard of before.
It's the same principle as a coffee machine, you have a little capsule filled with the oils, you insert it in the place provided for the purpose and you start your shower. The little device will then deliver the oils during your shower which will make the water smell incredibly good, I just thought it was so funny to use and loved it ! 

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That's it for this new "hotels episode" guys ! I hope you enjoyed my little Villa Madame tour and that I made you curious enough to at least visit the place or even stay there if you go to Paris, it is really worth the detour ! 

Here are all the Hotel Villa Madame's informations:
44, rue Madame 75006
Tel :+33(0)1 45 48 02 81
Fax :+33(0)1 45 44 85 73

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