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My current hair routine, talking hair health, damages etc.

My current hair routine, talking hair health, damages etc.

Hey guys ! 

Well welcome into my bathroom eheh ! Today I wanted to show you which products I am using for my hair, what is my current hair routine and how do I like to take care of my hair in order to minimize as much as possible hair damages.

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I am all about good hair, like.. literally ! I love discovering new techniques, new products and learning about hair science. I can be the most annoying person when I go to the hairdresser because I keep asking about everything, like any little thing they do or use I'm like "what is it for?", "how does it work?"... 
This year I teamed up with Dyson and I'm genuinely so happy about that because for me they are sooo on point when it comes to hair science. I already learned so many things on the topic since my last visit to Paris when they had this whole presentation about the Dyson Supersonic. If you missed my Blog post about this, you can find it here: hello! 

When if comes to hair damages, we girls are all the same: we freak out. Let's be honest, no one wants her hair to be confused with a fresh bale of straw, so not sexy. 

What can actually cause damage to your hair ? Well.. so many things ! 
- Heat (hair styling tools)
- Chemical components (change of color or shape of the hair, even the pools chlorine can cause your hair to be damaged over time!)
- UV light (sun)
- Mechanical abrasion such as brushing

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That is why choosing the right products and being aware of what you use on your hair is very important. 

My hair routine

I. I like to wash my hair twice: one time to remove the "dirt" and the eventual greasiness and the second time to make it shiny and perfectly clean. My hairdresser always told me to wash it twice so being a good student, I have been doing it ever since. 

I chose to use products from a brand called La Biosthétique which is a french professional brand. It is the absolute best thing I found for my hair at the moment ! The products are so concentrated that you don't need to use a lot of them, they all smell very nice and they make my hair shiny, healthy and nice looking. 
I like to use the Dry Hair routine or the Long Hair routine from this brand but they have a special line for each type of hair so you will inevitably find what you're looking for. 

Something that I also really love about La Biosthétique is that it doesn't have any silicones in it. Silicones may make your hair look healthy while you're using the same silicones-filled products but as soon as you change your routine, you'll be unpleasantly surprised to find out that your hair hasn't been receiving the proper care it needed. It's a trick that a lot of brands are using to make up the illusion of healthy hair while in fact your hair is still damaged, silicones will fill the porosities of your hair in order to make it look shiny and healthy but it will never help repairing it.

II. I ALWAYS apply a mask on my hair, always.
This guarantees me that my hair will be properly nourished and hydrated until the next wash.
I have the matching hair mask to my La Biosthétique shampoo and I love it because it is so quick to apply, you only have to wait 10 minutes and you're good to rinse it out ! 

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III. Once my hair is properly washed and rinsed, I like to blow-dry it. 
This is a very important step because if you are using the wrong device, you may cause your hair to be over-heated and this can lead to breakage, we don't want that.

This is why I love my Dyson Supersonic, it is the perfect tool for making sure that my hair is not burning under high temperatures thanks to all the sensors that are in it and that it will remain shiny. It also does the job so quickly! For someone who is always in a rush like me, this is my best trick to be ready on time.

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IV. Once my hair is fully dry and that I'm done with the styling (straight or curls) I like to finish my look with one of my dear friend Rossano Ferretti's products: it's an oil called Brillante that you can apply on your hair when you're done styling it, it basically makes it smell super good, adds some shine to it and helps getting rid of the little frizzes you may have. 

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Et voilà guys ! I hope you enjoyed me sharing my little hair secrets with you and that I convinced you to take better care of your hair if it wasn't already the case :) 
Remember that if you choose the right products, if you are careful about what you're using on your hair, body etc.. the results you'll get can only be more than satisfying ! 

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