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My skin journey II (laser edition)

My skin journey II (laser edition)

Hey guys ! 

It's been a little while but it's always a struggle to find enough time to write a good quality blog post for you, so if I am running out of time I prefer not to publish anything and maybe keep you waiting but just in order not to disappoint you :) 

So it's Easter obviously and I should maybe be posting about a desperately boring "DIY Easter tutorial" or such but I thought it would be much more interesting to tell you about my Laser Experience at the Dr Espinoza's Feel Well Center since so many of you asked about it than confirming my poor skills in creating Easter bunnies and eggs made of god-knows-what. 
What can I say ? I like to be where nobody expects me ;) I hope you'll enjoy and that it will -as usual- be helpful ! 

So I was done with my 4 Chemical Peelings and couldn't help but noticing that even though they helped a lot with my scaring, the results weren't satisfying enough, I still could see my little holes on the cheeks and my pores were still pretty large (blondes power !)
so the Dr Espinoza proposed to do a Laser treatment and see what the results would be on my skin. 

Laser treatment is the best choice if you -like me- want to get rid of deep scars on your skin, it also helps getting rid of wrinkles, hyper pigmentation (markings). 
It will help you with enlarged pores and uneven skin tone.
Basically it helps with everything ! I had the chance to see some before and after pictures and the results were so impressing, I didn't imagine it could look so good. Dr Espinoza told me that after each session there was a visible improvement of 30 to 40% which is actually pretty amazing ! 


The laser creates holes in your skin by burning it, the burn is controlled by the device's computer. It will force your skin to regenerate which will make it regain a healthy appearance. 


CO2 Laser treatment requires a social eviction of about 3-5 days depending on how your skin recovers from the procedure. I recommend you to book your appointment just before a long weekend or -even better- a holiday break, this way you won't be bothered to go out and will get time to recover at home. 

Depending on your skin's condition, one treatment may not be enough and you may need to do it again. For example, in my case I know that some of the scars I have are very deep and I will need to have another session done. Each treatment allows a visible 30 to 40% improvement.

The final results are visible after three months ! That's the time your skin will need to fully recover from the procedure. 

You will NEED to KEEP AWAY from the sun guys ! So this treatment isn't to be scheduled during the sunny seasons. Your skin will be very sensitive post-treatment so if you expose it to the sun you'll get some very bad dark markings, so this is definitely not something you want to joke with. 

Last thing, laser treatment -just like chemical peelings- are not good to be performed on dark-toned complexions, it would cause discoloration or hyper pigmentation, markings etc.. 

Photo 16.03.18 16 59 03.jpg

Of course you want your face to be makeup free for this procedure, then a numbing cream is going to be applied all over your face, takes approximately 30 minutes to be effective. 

Photo 20.03.18 22 01 47.jpg

On these pictures you can see my skin a little bit better: the rednesses, the holes, the pores and the uneven skin tone I'm struggling with since 5 years. 

Photo 16.03.18 17 02 57.jpg

The numbing cream that was applied on my face had some little bits in it, if you wonder why the cream looks like it has some kind of texture.

Photo 20.03.18 21 59 21.jpg

I was obviously not looking my best with my hair cap, make up free and the cream on my face but hey, I promised you I would take you through this journey with me so here I am ! ;)

Photo 20.03.18 22 02 18.jpg

Next step is the local anesthesia: I was a bit surprised when I learned about it, I used to see all those Instagram videos with beautiful girls getting their laser treatments done, it didn't seem like they were under anesthetic. Another proof that you should never fully trust Instagram :) 

Dr Espinoza gave injections to my whole face (a total of 6-8), it is necessary because without it you would feel the laser on your skin and believe me you don't want to feel it without the anesthesia! 
I never had injections in my face and must admit that at first I was a little bit nervous about that (hey I'm human right?) ! But the numbing cream worked it's effect perfectly and I almost didn't feel a thing! The local anesthesia will immediately be effective and you'll begin to feel like your face is becoming numb and all weirdly heavy -nothing impressive though, don't worry. 

Photo 20.03.18 22 02 51.jpg

The actual laser treatment can now begin: you can see the device on the picture below ("Pixel CO2 Omnifit"), the other one is a vacuum that will reduce the burnt skin smell because, yes, the laser will basically burn your skin. 

Photo 16.03.18 17 35 36.jpg
Photo 16.03.18 17 29 23.jpg
Photo 16.03.18 17 10 52.jpg

The laser will create this odd squared patterns you can see on this picture: the little dots on my skin. All the dots are where the laser light went into the skin and created a burn that will force your epidermis to regenerate, this is basically the working of this treatment: we want the skin to regenerate in order for it to look good again. 

Now I'm not going to lie to you guys, it hurts. The pain isn't the unbearable kind but still, it does burn, especially on the spots where the anesthesia is a little bit weaker (the hair line for example) and the spots where the skin is thinner (the under-eye region). 

Photo 16.03.18 17 52 52 (1).jpg

Now the burn is totally controlled by the device's computer, the Doctor will also decide how many crossings he needs to make on your skin, depending on your scaring. Three crossings are the maximum you can do during one treatment.

In my case, I really needed those three crossings, the scars on my upper cheeks are quite old (got them from a baby acne, which is weird but I basically reacted to a component of a cream with acne and well..on a baby's skin it causes a lot more damages of course). 
The lower cheeks are affected by my cystic acne which also created some holes, wider than the baby-acne ones. 

Photo 16.03.18 18 01 35 (1).jpg

Okay so here's my face post-treatment ! The whole procedure lasted approximately one hour since Dr Espinoza had to treat my whole face and to pass on it three times. 
My skin looks very red and you can see brown areas, these are the ones on which he insisted the most in order to obtain a proper improvement. 

Photo 16.03.18 18 03 22.jpg
Photo 16.03.18 17 59 35.jpg

When I saw my face once we were done I was really worried, I mean I was red, my face was swollen, I could not really properly feel it due to the anesthesia, I basically looked like elephant man ! But Dr Espinoza reassured me: this situation will last for about 4 to 5 days depending on your recovery and then you'll start feeling good and presentable again ;) 

I had no apprehension about the treatment, I know that I had to go through it in order to regain an even complexion and a smooth looking skin. I love the fact that I only had good experiences so far with the people I chose to take care of my medical procedures,
Dr Espinoza is definitely one of them and that's for sure, I think it's very important to trust your doctor even for little procedures like this one. 

Dr Espinoza - Feel Well Center 
1 rue Emile Yung
1205 Genève

Phone: 0041 22 346 59 56

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