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Baselworld 2018 - visiting the Century showroom

Baselworld 2018 - visiting the Century showroom

Hey loves ! 

If you followed my latest adventures on Instagram and the Instastories you must have seen me visiting the Century showroom during Baselworld last week. 

For those of you who don't know Baselworld, it's basically a huge watches show that takes place every year in Basel, where all the top watches brand get to have their own stand where they present all their latest releases, top products etc. 

It was my first time ever and I really didn't know what to expect actually. I'm a total newbie when it comes to the watches universe.. I mean, I do LOVE watches a lot, I love the amazing amount of work each piece represents and well I love to discover new things as well so it was another great adventure for me !

I was invited by Century to their showroom, to get to know the brand better and to be able to discover this year's new watches models - let me tell you guys, it was such a great moment ! 

Photo 05.04.18 17 23 38.jpg
Photo 28.03.18 00 10 12.jpg

The brand has this whole very bright, delicate, warm and elegant vibe that I absolutely adore, you could really feel it when entering the showroom. Not to mention the incredible Century team, everyone is so adorable and kind, it is an absolute delight to meet them every single time. 

A little bit about Century

First of all, Century is a family enterprise from Nidau in Switzerland that was created in 1966.
You definitely can feel this family spirit when talking with the team, everyone is so involved and dedicated to the brand and its universe, it's very nice to meet people who love what they do and believe in something 100%. Nowadays, more and more, unfortunately, these values tend to be forgotten and/or set aside which I think is a true pity since they really give a soul and a true purpose to any structure -big or small. 

Photo 27.03.18 14 30 50.jpg
Photo 27.03.18 23 21 52.jpg

Maybe you saw the watch I'm always wearing lately, it's their Affinity model, I wore it non-stop from the day I got it and it is always funny for me because I tend to forget that it's on my wrist so when I get compliments about it I'm like "oh yes right! I'm wearing it!". Their watches are so comfortable, they are designed to be real pieces of jewelry that -of course- give you the time. 

On this picture I was wearing a different model though, I got to try on their latest release: the First Class. With this piece they really wanted to design a new beautiful, feminine, elegant and really affordable watch that could suit any generation of women.

Now I usually get a LOT of questions about these watches because of their one of a kind super shiny case which is actually made of sapphire ! yep, sapphire. 
I myself had so many interrogations about the making of these sapphire cases that when I actually got to meet their sapphire carver master, Yunus, who showed me how the work was done in the workshop, I couldn't stop asking so many questions.
The whole process is absolutely incredible guys ! It takes so much patience and knowledge to carve these cases perfectly, if you make one single mistake there's no going back so the work better has to be perfect from the very start. 

Photo 27.03.18 17 32 51.jpg
Photo 27.03.18 20 36 41.jpg

Believe it or not, I even got to actually try to carve and polish the sapphire which allowed me to realize how difficult it was to correctly measure the amount of pressure you're applying on to the materials, the machine, the movements etc. 

I don't know about you guys but being able to experience this kind of "behind the scenes" makes me the happiest in the world ! I mean it's not everyday that you get your hands on a professional carving and polishing machine and that you're allowed to try to reproduce some of the gestures that are performed during the making of these beautiful watches. This is also why I love my job so much, being able to discover so many different and amazing things, people and universes is simply the best. 

Photo 27.03.18 21 14 17.jpg
Photo 27.03.18 21 15 56.jpg
Photo 27.03.18 23 20 33.jpg
Photo 28.03.18 00 11 29.jpg

I genuinely loved this moment, I think you can see it on my face, I looked like a 10 years old in a candy shop. Yunus was so incredibly adorable, he patiently answered to all my silly questions (me and my comments, you know the deal eheh) and showed me how to carve some facets on a sapphire case. 

Photo 28.03.18 15 06 11.jpg

From the very beginning my first question was "but what does the raw material look like ?",
I mean, when you see the perfectly carved and shiny sapphire case you can't help but wonder HOW it is realized and what does the original material look like. 

In my left hand you can see a piece of the sapphire carrot (yep, that's how they call it eheh) and in my right hand one of Yunus's realizations, he does them "just for fun" ! Ahah I loved it when he told me that he was just having fun creating some of these beautiful gems since I wouldn't even be able to do 1/10 of the work he did, even for fun. 

Photo 27.03.18 21 15 21.jpg
Photo 27.03.18 21 16 54.jpg
Photo 26.03.18 22 49 54 (1).jpg
Photo 27.03.18 23 22 38.jpg

I also had the pleasure of discovering the whole collection, watch after watch. I am always blown away by the amount of work each piece requires, no wonder Century's philosophy is "Beyond imagination", each piece is a true work of art. This specific watch I was holding on the picture is a special one as well, it's dial changes colors from a deep blue, to a vibrant purple-pink depending on how the light is reflecting on it. Even though I am not the biggest fan of small watches, I was totally mesmerized by this one. 


I literally fell in love with this Tourbillon, it's an absolute stunner ! If you take a close look at the watch, you'll see that the dial's contours are transparent, it gives you the impression that the whole tourbillon mechanism is floating in the middle of the watch, pure magic. 
Now this one is a much more masculine model and is actually from the men's collection but I always loved masculine watches, they are such statement pieces and this one is definitely a very pretty one.


I also wanted to show you some other pieces (since I got to really discover them all) which are completely different and -for me- are more jewelry than watches since the dainty work is absolutely remarkable. This to show you that Century proposes a really broad choice when it comes to watches styles, there's a watch for each occasion, each type of person, the only thing that isn't changing is obviously the quality and the amazing realization.  

Photo 28.03.18 22 12 07.jpg

A big thank you to the whole Century team for the warm welcome and the time they took for us,
it was truly incredible to spend the day discovering and learning more about this great brand ! 
I am so looking forward to making you guys discover more watches from their collections and I hope you enjoyed this little tour of their showroom as well as I did. 

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