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Guilt free raspberries frozen smoothie bowl

Guilt free raspberries frozen smoothie bowl

Hey guys ! 

So this is my first recipe blog post ever ! I always wanted to do some and have soooo many ideas and recipes that I would love to share with you but never find enough time to photograph it all and post it. 

I wanted to start with something super easy to do and really appropriated for the hot days that are coming our way. Now I think you all know now the regular Açai Bowl that we are all paying a lot too much for only in order to take this cute Instagram shot #healthylife.

The thing with açaí is that not only is it kind of expensive but it also isn't as incredible as everyone wants you to believe. Food trends are huge and I don't know if you heard about the whole avocado issue .. ? Basically, ever since avocados became "a thing", the production has just been going NUTS, people are planting avocado trees everywhere just to keep up with the market demand and those avocados are travelling thousands of miles just so that they can end up on your morning toast. Don't get me wrong, ave toast is MY FAVE and I am never able to resist it whenever I see one on the menu, but hey, it is also important to know what is going on around us nope ? 

About açaí, it's a little bit the same issue: it's coming from Brazil and all the fuss people created around this little berry is more of a brand than anything else, it's antioxydant properties are not THAT interesting.. Basically, if you eat a mango, it will do you more good than an açaí bowl. 

That's why I wanted to recreate an açaí-bowl-looking smoothie/ice cream but only with some different ingredients that are still packed with great vitamins and antioxydants. 


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- 2 or 3 bananas
- Frozen raspberries
- 1 cup of soy milk
- A little bit of agave syrup (optional)

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STEP 1: Put the frozen raspberries and the bananas in the mixing bowl and mix them together (a lot of mixing involved eheh). Basically, the more you add frozen fruits, the more your mixture is going to be compact, so it is a question of taste. 

STEP 2: Add the cup of soy milk to the raspberries and the bananas. Try to find the right balance, if the mixture is too runny once you add the milk, this means you need to add more frozen berries. You should be getting a nice consistency, not too runny and not too compact.

STEP 3 - Optional: I have a serious sweet tooth issue so the sweetest my smoothie tastes the better.. That's why I add some agave syrup, not too much tho, a drizzle because the bananas already make the whole thing really sweet. 

STEP 4: Pour the mixture into a big bowl and that the fun part ! You can basically add anything you want and I can only bet your decorating skills will be better than mine eheh. 
I like to add more fruits like blueberries, some more bananas and raspberries (not frozen), grapes, peach.. whatever ! You can also add some peanut butter if you are looking for an energy booster, it tastes delicious ! 
Some people also like to add granola, chia seeds, linseeds, nuts etc. 


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