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Discovering Elounda and Crete for the first time

Discovering Elounda and Crete for the first time

Hey loves! 

So I finally got some time to write this post about my little expedition to Crete in Greece, so many of you were requesting a feedback about the whole experience, so this is it ! 

I'd like to start by saying that for as long as I can remember I've always wanted to go visit Greece but was never able to due to lack of time, bad timing, no organization, personal life interferences etc.. So when I was invited to go there, I was genuinely so happy to finally get to discover this place ! I mean I think we all saw the same dreamy Greece pictures on Instagram, gorgeous. 

We were invited to visit a hotel named Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel in Crete, which is one of the islands that are composing Greece, at the bottom, South. I don't know if I make sense though.. 


So, more about the Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel. It is a huge, like a huuuge, hotel ! It has so many buildings, villas, beaches, pools, golfs, restaurants, bars, a SPA, some tennis courts etc that I literally got lost every time I was trying to find my way back to our villa. Did I mention I also have a really bad sense of orientation? Meh.. 

On the pictures you can see that the land is pretty dry in the area, especially during summer time since it can get really hot but the hotel really stands out with its green lawns, multitude of plants and flowers and the golf area, just like an oasis in the middle of a desert. 


This was the private garden and pool from our villa, with a nice view of the sea, it was very nice and relaxing. 


On the first proper day that we got to spend at the hotel (because we arrived very late the night before) we all met to go on a boat ride and I actually just couldn't wait for it ! I don't know about you guys but sailing always make me so happy, I love exploring different parts of a country from the sea (or the ocean obvy), it is such a delightful way to enjoy the landscapes -and also to get a killer tan..-. 


And what a boat guys ! The pictures are not doing it justice, it was a big and beautiful wooden sailboat, amazing Instagramshit pictures material if you ask me ;) 

We had such a lovely time sailing, going from places to places, discovering what was around the hotel area, enjoying the breeze and the sea ! I definitely recommend you to book a boat ride if you ever go to Greece, it is so worth it, there are some places where you can stop and take a dip in the water which by the way is amazingly clear. 


Time to discuss serious topics like.. FOOD ! This country is a wonders place for me, it has everything I need and I love: fruits, veggies and fish. I couldn't be happier. I mean, sure, me being me I ended up doing something "shocking": the waiters were a little bit surprised to see me put aside the feta chunks from all my dishes.. At a certain point I understood that it was close from heresy for them but what can I say ? Lactose intolerant + I don't like feta, duh. 
Apart from the demonic feta bits in my salads, all the food was so DELICIOUS ! Each of us literally went home carrying food babies in our stomachs. But it was for a good cause so it was worth it ! 


The Yacht Club was definitely my favorite restaurant, this view was something! I also had one of my best deserts in this very place: it basically was halva (a traditional desert apparently made of toasted semolina, hot syrup & some spices) and a white chocolate sphere with apricot sorbet and mousse (I gladly decided not to be lactose intolerant for this part, excuse me but it was too good. My stomach and I had a discussion about it later in the evening, wasn't pretty).  And of course I've got no pictures of this amazing desert because I ate it all and then I started thinking.. Sorry for that! 


The last dinner we had at the hotel was also a lot of fun ! They organized this big Greek-themed dinner-party night, we had a whole buffet filled with so many local food, dancers came to perform some traditional dances during the evening, it was very nice ! 


Do you also have this thing for sunsets and sunrises ? I love to wake up super early to be able to witness the sunrise, it is so satisfying and beautiful. Anni, Silke (they are the two other adorable bloggers from Germany that were part of this trip) and I woke up around 5am to be able to be there on time to see the sun come out. 


We took sooo many pictures while discovering the hotel ! Here are some of them, I hope it will help you get a better idea of how the whole place looks like.
About the Hotel, I'd say that it is definitely an ideal place to stay in for families, there are so many activities that you can do without even leaving the hotel and since Heraklion is 1 hour car ride away from it, you definitely better stay there and enjoy what the hotel has to offer in terms of services. 



Our SPA massage was also a really nice and enjoyable part of the trip. The Elounda Peninsula All Suite Hotel has a Six Senses SPA in the hotel, you can find these SPAs in so many other countries such as France, Switzerland, Bhutan, China, Fiji, Thailand, Qatar, Vietnam, and so many others.. They are always great references, I was never disappointed there. 


You know I always have my ways to put myself in some pretty improbable situations..let's say that I didn't disappoint this time too ! So, basically, I do not tan very easily and actually didn't have the time to put myself in the sun before going to Greece. I thought putting some fake tan before going was a pretty smart move, this way I could look "sun kissed" on my pictures, not look like a complete dork on the beach and well get a gradual actual tan while I was there. 

Of course I didn't think about the fact that it was very hot and that when you get a massage, they spread massage oil on your body and then they rub rub rub. At some point during my massage I could feel little bits on my back, like sand and I started realizing that my fake tan was slowly coming off ! I was so embarrassed so I told the sweet lady who was taking care of my massage and who was obviously too polite to point our that her hands were full of parts of my fake tan that it was just my fake tan coming off and she laughed so much ! She told me that it never happened to her before and that she found the situation somehow pretty funny so I ended up cursing myself for my poor judgement and going back to relaxing and enjoying my massage.
Of course when I got out my back was fully white again and my front.. well pretty dark. I looked like a two flavors ice cream.. Chocolate/vanilla ! Great job Era.  


Okay guys, I hope I made you travel a little bit with all those pictures and that this post made you a bit curious about Elounda, it's truly a lovely region ! If you have any questions about my trip, if you are looking for some recommendations etc. Don't hesitate to send me a message, I love share all of this with you :) 


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