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Lazy girls summer hair tutorials

Lazy girls summer hair tutorials

Hey girls ! 

How is your summer going so far ? Mine's hot. Way too hot. I actually discovered that I wasn't able to function when the temperatures were above 22 degrees celsius which basically means since they currently are around 32 degrees.. that I'm reduced to a vegetable/over-cooked pasta state. I can't wait for our Northern countries road trip, I can't wait for sunny 22° days eheh ! 

I thought that a little summer hair tutorial would be a good idea since most of us would prefer not wearing a hair-scarf with this heat ! I am also very -very- bad at creating nice hairstyles so for this one I had to watch a good 20 hair tutorial videos on Youtube and train for what felt like forever to get close to an acceptable result. So all of these suggestions are super easy to realize, not time-consuming at all and well.. enjoy ! ;)

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I like to wash my hair and blow dry them with my Dyson Supersonic, I just can't get enough of this one ! I save so much time since it dries my hair so much faster than my old hairdryer. I also noticed a very neat difference of my hair quality ! I've been using the Supersonic for months now (about 7) and my hair is wayyyy less damaged, I'm so happy about this because I was so desperate before, thinking that I would never get healthy hair again ! This hairdryer saved my hair in so many ways, a.m.e.n to that. 

I. Space Buns


These are super trendy and so easy to make ! You simply have to part your hair in two, tie them in two separate pony tails and roll the hair around each piny tail's base. That's it ! 
Now you want to have a bunch of those bobby pins nearby because there might be some undisciplined hair trying to escape the bun so it's the best way to ensure your hairstyle.

Snapseed 3.jpg
Snapseed 2.jpg

How to give your space buns a sparkly twist: 

II. The Super Easy Messy Bun


Nothing very special on this one. I like to start with a high pony and just wrap all my hair around it and then fix it with a good dozen bobby pins to make sure all the hair will stay in place during the day. Then I grab some hair stands around my face and let them loose. This creates the "messy hair" effect that I love ! 

III. Mini Space Buns and a Braid

Snapseed 6.jpg
Snapseed 5.jpg

This is such a fun look to create because it allows so many possibilities ! Make two little ponies on top of your head and create the space buns just as I explained before: wrap the hair around the base and fix it with bobby pins. 
Then it's basically up to you ! You can leave your hair like this or make some little braids, some bigger ones, one big braid.. There are so many options ! 
I feel like this would be the perfect hairstyle for a music festival, you could even add some little hair rings in the braids for a more "boho" look, you can find some really cheap ones here: 

Snapseed 4.jpg

IV. The All Time Favorite Three Strands Braid 

Snapseed 7.jpg

This is the easiest, fastest and cutest way to make your hair look cute ! For a more sophisticated style you can put some flowers in between the hair strands, this makes your hair style so unique and romantic ! 
P.S: If you like your braid super thick, I'd recommend you to take a comb and go through each strand backwards with it, this way you can create volume and the braid will look super full and bushy ! 

Here are some cute accessories ideas for your braid: 

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